Friday Cheers

I’ve had the most beautiful week, my wins out way my losses and that may be simply because I’ve decided they do!

This week’s been about relationships. Long lost friends, meeting for drinks, making plans, or at least trying to, was the theme. I felt summers energy inspiring me to just say yes to my invitations disregarding time of day, the constant beckoning of works call for the next day and the other nagging feeling that says “I should stay home and save my money”. A friend of mine agrees to say yes all summer.  Anything proposed she agrees to in an effort to get as much fun in during the warm months as she possibly can. Dinners, pool, beach, drinks, street fairs, yes, yes, yes to it all.

This week I took a page out of her book and didn’t turn down a single offer even double booking one evening. I suppose the universe was rewarding my good vibes because one plan fizzled, but did it’s job enough by letting a friend know I was thinking of them.

I had a beautiful conversation, and strolls, pizza, and margaritas, Michu, and empanadas and guac (TWICE!). I sat, soaking up the awesomeness of my friends and letting my own ooze about the small tables and benches.

We make such a fuss of getting home in the winter months, avoiding whipping winds and blistering cold temperatures that the thought of stopping anywhere between work and your furnace is ridiculous! I’ve got a few things checked off my summer bucket list and I’m starting to admire the haze over the sun instead of loath it.  Last weekend on a boat tour of NYC landmarks the sun beat down on me so harshly I yawned and sweat and wanted nothing more than respite, but upon arriving home, enjoying a shower like none other (summer showers are life altering) I marveled at my tanned arms and chest, glad I’d said yes, and committed to making it my only option for all of summer 17.  I hope you enjoy your summer as much as I am.


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