Set Your Intentions: 7/10

We’re in the second week of July and I’m trying to take a moment and gain perspective because this is where things start to move fast.  This is the period right where the dog days of summer start and a few sweats later we’ve arrived at Back to School.  The weather will start to give us a little relief and we’ll be caught outside at 7 pm with bare legs and open toed shoes asking when it got so cold.  It sounds far off but it’s true, it happens every year.  Ask, any parent, any kid, they get it worse and feel the most saddened by the swift passing of what is supposed to be our season of relaxation.

For me working everyday and trying to dart between air conditioned locations, putting off beach trips, and avoiding carrying heavy watermelon is how I dwindle my summer days away.   That and my uncanny ability to live in the future, googling images of the Shenandoah during fall, and trying to strategize finally getting bean boots this year since they sell out in August.  I’ve discussed how staying in the moment is a continual effort for me, and how I make that happen.  I think the next step is identifying the moments where I veer off.  That moment is right here, and this is where we take a different route.  Here are this week’s intentions.

1.) Rest & Ramp Up- I spent the weekend with my God children, we did the fun touristy things which put me in parts of the city I avoid like the plague.  With that I have contracted a pretty nasty summer cold, that has me ready to throw in the towel on this week and completely crash everyday after work.  Obviously that would be counter productive, so I’ve been wheeling and dealing with myself on what task I complete and how quickly I can get into my covers to YouTube and Chill.

Gary Vaynerchuck talks about clouds and dirt and Elizabeth Gilbert speaks of how it all matters and yet it doesn’t matter at all, and while I really think I deserve to relax and go to bed early this week, I know that the summer will pass and I’ll be morning it’s departure.  More than it’s departure I’ll be morning not having anything to show for it.  So, I’m doing to do that.  I’m going to get to bed early, and get things done as well.  That means shorter phone jones’ing sessions with Bae, and prioritizing what can be done in the four hour block that is my evening at home.  This week, that looks like this

Monday- Wash my hair

Tuesday- Get first YT video content on to Ipad

Wednesday- Begin editing YT video

Thursday- Complete editing YT Video/ Second blog post for July WK2

Friday- Post YT Video

It’s slow going, but it’s continued focus on a major goal.  I’ve aspired to breaking into the YouTube world for over five years ( hard to admit) but alas, I believe I have something to say and a voice that would be value added to the platform, here goes nothing, and also everything!

2.) Googles-  The home buying process continues for me,  and has made some progress in the last week.  But progress made last week is like laurels.  Neither really should be rested on.  I’m most likely going to remodeling/ updating a home which takes the home buying process from complication level 100 to 1,000,000.  Maybe not for most, but for a girl like myself who barely understood the process,adding contractors, insurances, and budgets into the mix is daunting.  Excitement outweighs my fear for once and I have pressed on and will continue meaning my good girlfriend Google will be helping me out with all the terms I simply do not understand and every bit of advice that every person has ever put on the internet about remodeling.  Wish me luck, understanding, and well… a windfall of cash!

3.) SZA- Ok, I’m late.  Not just late, but oblivious.  Not sure how on earth this amazing artist slipped by me, but I intend to catch up.  Some of my favorite IG pages have mentioned her most recent album and likened it in various ways to Badu or Solange two of which I thoroughly enjoy.  I listened to the most popular song she has on her Spotify and can’t seem to keep the chorus out of my head.  The sad, yet great part is that I may have been enjoying her music all along as she’s been featured on songs with all of my fav’s from DRAM to Rhianna, Kendrick, and a few others.  Glad to add another amazing poet/songstress to my rotation.  Definately a summer soundtrack to say the very least!

That’s the plan for this week Stan! Have an amazing and productive week!



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