Set Your Intentions 6/26

It is the last week of Q2 and we’re just a few days from the half way mark of the year.  For whatever reason I’m always super strong Q1, knocking out task, feeling focused and fortified and ready to take on the year, but by Q2, all I wanna do is curl up and relax!  This happened to me last year, but probably 5x as badly as this year.  I took a few precautions against wasting Q2 this year, but only made slight improvements.  Alas here we with Q3 on the horizon and again I’ve found myself reinvigorated.  Maybe Q2 is supposed to be a period of rest for me, sort of blooming, metamorphosis from a chrysalis of, well so many things.  None of which this blog is about or should be dedicated to.  In the end, I’ve emerged.  My intentions…

Q3- I’ve spent a bit of time reviewing my actions over the last few years and want to make a few small changes that could help me to lead to big results for 2017.   Ever written out the same goal for the last five years?  I have, and while I could admonish myself for it, I think I’ll try something different this year.  Though I’ve used the Passion Planner, I don’t think I’ve taken the mid year planning portion quite as seriously.  I’ve started to focus on it a little earlier than its arrival so that I can have better perspective on how I want the second half of the year to go differently.

Instagram Envy-  I think summer, of any season, is probably when most experience the most intense Instagram Envy.  With all the hot body’s in bikini’s and muscle clad men flooding your feed it’s understandable how warmer months can get you comparing and contrasting your body, life, etc.  To admit any envy is such a taboo that we all just pretend we don’t suffer from it and secretly stalk our #bodygoals inspiration taking screenshots in secret and asking God why, and how.  I’ve fallen into this pretty hard over the past few weeks, particularly around vacation envy.  With  aggressive home buying goals, I don’t have much room for a vacation fund of any significance.  I’ve been good about keeping my nose to the grindstone for the past 10 years or so and now I crave nothing more intensely then sand, water, and a strong breeze.  I want the sun to bless me so strongly that I fall asleep in its admiration.  I’ve clearly fantasized about this for sometime and even decided a few months ago that I would risk it all and make a Costa Rica trip happen with friends.  Sadly I had to back out and I felt like a uber loser for it.  My friends understood and reassured me that my time to travel would come, but they didn’t know just how badly I not only wanted to go, but NEEDED to go.  That NEED has worn off, as most NEED’s do, and I’ll be satisfied with a little time under an umbrella with a bag of fried chicken.  What is it about cold fried chicken that makes it the absolute best travel food?

Summer Plans- While I might not make it to Costa Rica during Summer17′, Bae and I have mulled over the idea of a road trip to Orlando.  We’re really interested in an adult Disney trip, and thought what better time to do it than before time get’s away from us and someone’s calling us Mom & Dad or we feel even more guilty for not taking his nephew or one of my seven nieces or nephews.  We’ll cloak it in the disguise of a couples trip, and promise to bring back souvenirs for everyone until we can plan an everybody trip.  Among other summer goals, beside beach time and a possible road trip, I’m really looking forward to some of the basics, well, my basics.  Fresh flowers, Highline trips, ice cream, and drinks!  I’ve got a whole Summer Bucket List post planned so stay tuned for more elaborate details on my Summer 17′ plans.  I’m really taking a moment, these are the second most valuable 90some days of the year after the holiday season and I refuse to let them escape me.

Those are the intentions for the week!  Hope you’ve set your’s and that you get to achieve them!



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