Set Your Intentions 6/19

Coming off of my birthday week I’ve been sort of riding around on a cloud.  Last Monday I enjoyed myself thoroughly, having fun, looking out for number one and doing all the things I liked to do.  I’d celebrated with Bae over the weekend and by Sunday night was so pleased with my decision to take off of work that Monday and have some me time, that I literally broke night.  I finally went to sleep around 4:30 am, and got up at about 11am, the pure act of indulging myself and staying up late was a gift in and of it’s self.

I went back and forth with myself, such a Gemini, deciding if chores were the right thing to do or if pure fun was in order.  Fun won, and I spent the day touring some of my favorite parts of the city, eating my favorite things, and taking everything at my leisure.  That meant, Two Boot’s Pizza, Pop Bar, a Mani & Pedi in my favorite Essie colors…right now at least (Flowernista & Splash of Grenidine) and truly relaxing.  Manicures and Pedicures, and honestly a few other things, have been put on the back burner for me for so many reason’s, but no reasons valid enough to stick.  I’ve really been focused on self care and the consistency required.  I’ve learned, through trial and error, that self care and self awareness go hand in hand and one cannot occur without the other. With that, I’ve been reading for months, journaling when the spirit moves me and treating myself to a healthier lifestyle while indulging.  Yup, both.

This week I’m back at work for the full week so no breaks to look forward to, but still glad to tackle the challenges this week brings.

  1. Mid Year Review- This week puts us just two weeks away from July, and half of the year is complete.  I still get amazed at how the time flies but I take extra precaution to mark where I am.  You guy are well aware of my quarterly vision boards, bucket list, and my use of my passion planner.  I get made fun of for my planner, and what some would consider extreme planning, but it’s the best way for me to stay in the moment.  July will begin Q3, and the first month of the second half of the year.  I keep making the projection that all that’s left in the year is July and August, September is Back To School, and fall roles around.  That stretch from September to the end of October takes it’s time until Halloween, I’ll say that, but once Halloween hits, its Thanksgiving, Christmas and just like that the year is over.  Not gonna rush things, but definitely gonna take advantage of summer, and the dog days it brings.
  2. Summer- Ah yes, I’ve waited all winter for this heat and I’m gonna sweat! Suns out, buns out! No, not the buns, but definitely some backless situations and maxi dresses and thighs, yes honey the thighs are coming out.  This week I’m focused on preserving the summer and doing all the fun stuff, that keeps me present, in the heat of the moment should I say!
  3. Home Buying- I’ve literally been focused on home buying for the last, what two years!  It’s been a long road, which I will detail in a post for you all this week, but I have to say the further I get along the process, the more excited I am.  I am all the way domestic, domestic goddess a la Nigella Lawson, and Martha Stewart and the thought of even my starter home gets me so inspired and excited I can’t bear to keep myself out of Home Depot.  As much as I’d like to take a vacation, I had to back out of one with friends a few weeks ago that nearly sent me into a depressive spiral, go shopping, or just spend freely, I have to keep in mind my purpose and goal.  A home has been everything I’ve dreamed of since I was a little girl, and such a significant part of my upbringing that no vacation compares in value.  I understand the value of travel, but I’d also like to live I life I dont have to escape from.  I want friends over for dinner, garden parties in the spring, midnight snack attacks in the kitchen, long baths upstairs, productivity in my office and yes, loud basketball games emitting from a basement room, that sometimes has a bit of an odd smell.  #goals

Those are my intentions for the week, my focuses.  Attack the week with vigor everyone!


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