Retrospective Collective: 5/19

Last week flew by so quickly I met the weekend excitedly because of the fervor of my new role, but also dreading some plans I’d made.  A very good friend asked for my assistance with an important project and I obliged, unbegrudgingly.  What did have me groaning was the 7 hour trip each way that would come about because of it.  I don’t go home often so when I am in town it is generally for specific reasons, most of which revolve around the most important people and that relative to what’s going on in their lives.

The weekend turned out lovely with a very productive 24hrs with my dear friend and an epic Mother’s Day surprise for my Mom.   I boarded the bus still exhilarated from seeing my people and tried my best to relax and let the 7 hours pass by.  By hour 4 I was in dire straints and wanted nothing more than to get off that bus and never utilize it as a traveling option again.  I dread saying things like what I’m about to say but honestly, I am just too old for Greyhound bus travel!  I can’t, I won’t, and that chapter of my life is done.  I vowed that by whatever means

I’m on week two in my new-old role and I haven’t felt this relaxed about work in a while.  Before I was “promoted” I’d started to feel guilty about the freedom I enjoyed as a phones only receptionist. There is colossal amounts of free time and we’d joke amongst each other that there isn’t enough internet for this job.  Honestly, this is probably the second or third time in my life that I’ve held a job that required so little of me that I would grow bored.  Most other roles have required so much of me that I would neglect my family, my friends, and most important of them all, myself.  In retrospect ( especially having returned to my slower paced role recently) I could imaging that this is God’s little way of letting me rest for a bit and get back to what I am passionate about, the gifts and talents he has given me.

This week’s passion planner inspiration is, “nothing is impossible to a willing heart.” said by John Heywood. We know many of his famous quotes including “Rome was not built in a day.” and my favorite, ” A woman hath nine lives like a cat.” I’m loving the theme of homecoming that I’ve had this week.  Being back in my old position, back in a role that gives me time to explore my mental complexities and interest, and back in my old home town to see those I love.  I go back and forth about my will, but being back in this retrospective place I can see my tenacity coming out more and more and making the change to return to my old role is definitely that willing heart defying the stereotype that your nothing if you aren’t climbing the ladder seeking promotion after promotion.

Mercury is no longer retrograde as of the 9th of this month, but as per Susan Miller, it will return to its full strength at this weeks end.  Mercury being my ruling planet I feel the effects most. And though most ascribe the retrograde period to poor communications and technological issues, it also gives you an opportunity to go over past projects that could use fine tuning and development.

As we head into Gemini season I’m glad to be prepared to start a new venture, having completed an old venture thoroughly.

Have a great weekend y’all!


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