Set your intentions 5/7-5/13

It’s been a very interesting last few weeks for me.  Getting myself together than falling apart again. Devising a killer plan, then losing focus on that and having to place my energies elsewhere.  Also interesting in the last few weeks was the sheer amount of mind blowing people I came across that spoke to something I’d been researching, thinking about, praying about, or were a living proof example of all that I hope to accomplish.  I’ve let it all fall where it may, and didn’t force myself to make sense of it or compare.  Of this I am proud.  I can see so much growth in myself over the last few years that I have to pat myself on the back.  Cassandra girl, you’re doing good!

This week is going to be an amazing one! Honestly the thought of it has me so excited that I catch moments and remember and

1 Starting my old role, again.  I’ve stepped down from my role as recruiter at my company and returned to the role of receptionist that I started with when I joined the company two years ago.  The opportunity to recruit was given to me by my division head and the owner, which added a bit of stress on my decision to step down.  I was afraid to let them down, be seen as “Just a receptionist” or any of the other stigmas associated with those that don’t appear to be striving to climb the ranks.  I tried the role for just over seven months and decided the best option for not only myself but also the company would be my return to the reception role. Day one nearly done, and I can’t believe how supportive everyone has been, the well wishes, the congratulations and the all-around support I’ve gotten from everyone who doubles back realizing I’ve returned.

The role affords me more mental clarity for creative pursuits of my own and while I still have the faith in myself, I think I better give it a go right!

I’ve devised a sensible routine that covers my personal well being, work goals (because I can’t help myself) and goals for my personal endeavors including this blog! That’s right folks, get ready for consistency, because it’s coming your way!

2 Routine, how many times have we covered routine here on BirthofRich?  Don’t answer that!  In my pursuit of a regular schedule I’ve learned that some editing is necessary and that above all else it will take time, so why not give it time?  You can’t rush greatness, but done is better than perfect and that ladies and gentleman is my current mantra as I give routine 6.0 a try.  It really is about acknowledging where you are, and what’s not working, and following that with a new strategy instead of getting down on yourself about not living up to your potential.  Potential is relative to your paradigm so don’t sweat it, reach for the goal and let it elude you.  That literally is the fun in it.

3 Spring!  I’m about a month behind on my Q2 routines (vision board, bucket list) but so is the weather so I’ll go ahead and call myself right on time. The flowers have just bloomed, the pollen has just started to swirl and settle (everywhere) and it’s just warm enough to abandon the heavier coats and knee boots.  We’ve entered the rainy season and though I still have not decided on what color Hunter boots I want, I welcome the impromptu rain storms and cloudy days.  I read a quote someplace ( someplace) that says “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow and each year we plant annuals, with faith that next year they will arrive and grace us with their beauty.

With that I plant the seeds of strategy, of routine, and the seeds of myself, knowing, patiently waiting, and resting assured that each will blossom beautifully and in their own right.

Have a good week.


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