Set Your Intentions 3/19

Been working really hard to curb my Sunday Blues or Monday Scaries as my coworker calls them.  You know that point in your Sunday where you realize you have to go to work the next day.  Everyone’s start at different times, parents with kids probably have them start the earliest dealing with homework, and other I have to get multiple people out of the house early situations, but for me they start around 4pm.  I definitely get more irritable, disoriented, give up on weekend goals,  begin to self comfort with food, shopping, and any other coping mechanism I can get my hands on to make me take my mind off of Monday morning.

Even this blog series is intended to get me to look beyond Monday and get a scope of what I can look forward to in the coming week, what I can prepare for in advance, and any inkling of a highlight I can manage to get so that Friday arrives and I can say I made it through once more.  So the candle or incense gets lit, tea gets brewed and I sit down with my planner and laptop, and write until I’ve made sense of the week to come or it gets way to late to not be approaching sleep for the impending doom.

I know the object is to not have to look forward to the weekend but to be happy and grateful for everyday I get on God’s green earth, but God himself knows my heart and know that Monday’s are a test of my patience, and faith!  In my head God get’s the greatest kick out of this one particular child of his that I am.  My best efforts, best laid plans, fears, questions, and turmoil.  I can see him in a constant state of shaking his head, awe-ing, and sighing wondering when I will learn and applauding me when I make grand prophetic statements like, ” In time and with time”  he proclaims “Child tell me about it!”

This week, one of the last two of the first quarter of the year is one where I hope to tie up loose ends.  No I haven’t achieved every goal I set out for Q1, but I am proud to say I stayed most true to my goals this quarter than I ever have .

This weeks intentions

  1. Finish “Kindred” my train read, and resume 30 min at home reading sessions.  Started reading fiction on the train and saving my other books that I study for home reading so that I could have more than the margin to scrawl notes and epiphanies.  Train reading has been going well, home reading/studying not so much.  With Kindred almost done, I’ll  get back to focusing on my at home reading so that I can complete Q1 having read 4 books! At that rate I’ll surpass my goal of 12 books for the year and will have added a bit more light reading to my list.
  2. Get at least one video posted on YouTube by end of week.  I have a short review of Octavia Butler’s “Seed to Harvest” recorded, mostly me shouting about how awesome the book is, but essentially a review.  I need to get my tech stuff organized so that video reviews become a part of my work.  I teeter back and forth between wanting to and not wanting to start a YouTube channel, but always land in the yes side of things.  I am extremely communicative and writing I find just does not do the trick for conveying just how expressive I am.  I’d love to have the opportunity and platform to share my thoughts on lifestyle matters ranging from your quintessential YouTube topics (hauls, fashion, home decor) to Vlog and daily check in’s on things like my journey to vegetarianism, and tons of other topics I’ve been mulling over.  This week, the second to last week of Q1 I will rise to the occasion of meeting a long time goal and GET A VIDEO POSTED!
  3. Have a tough conversation at work.  I’ve strategized my way through my work agony for long enough and really need to take action.  I have been ambivalent about what I should do but I’ve finally decided.  This wont be easy, but I must be happy in my work.  Wish me luck!
  4. Stick with my health regimen as closely as possible.  Raw for Lent has gone well, but has also not been 100%.  I’ve indulged beyond Sunday’s and have forgiven myself for those mishaps.  That alone is growth for me, but what has demonstrated my growth further is the way that I feel before and after over indulging.  I am finally at a point where I am aware of it and that is the step right before being able to stop yourself from doing it.  It seems like the most baby baby baby step and almost an excuse for not executing, but if you’ve ever gone raw, or vegan, or vegetarian, you know they call it “going” for a reason, because you literally go crazy trying to figure out what to eat! On top of going raw, I’ve begun to partake in a herbal tea regimen that I believe will help me with my health goals, but is among the most vile thing’s I’ve ever injested.  No, not a flat tummy tea situation, more like a bush remedy.   In true Caribbean form, I am taking a tea that is just plane old nasty, but so incredibly good for me that I am sticking to a three gulp rule and chasing it down with a lemon wedge.  Trust me, the ends will justify the means, but the means will not be easy.

I had a great weekend with friends, with Bae and best of all with myself.  I’m thankful for my weekends, but determined not to be one of the millions waiting for it to relieve me.

Those are my intentions for the week.  Have a blessed week everyone, and may your intentions be birthed.


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