Set your intentions:2/26-3/4

The weekend flew by. It always does, but for the amount of pent up anticipation for it’s arrival, it was short lived. Even Bae sort of milled and seethed back and forth this evening as I prepped to wind down or “shut down the house” as my Mom would say when dinner was over, the dishes were washed, and the kitchen was closed. Generally not the emotional type, he hugged me a little bit longer and volunteered the “I love you” in our first of three goodbyes for the night. I marveled after he’d gone as I finished up the last of the dishes, wiped the counters, and boiled water for tea, at how emotionally transparent all my mates have been. One was very upfront about his frustrations and always spoke up for himself, one would cry willingly and unapologetically, minus a pollen joke here or there, and current Bae questions everything aloud not honestly expecting you to have an answer, but displaying an insatiable curiosity, I have to respect, loathe, and appreciate all at the same time. All that another blog for another day, today we both felt jipped on our weekend experience. We wanted to rest more, luxuriate in the sun longer, and have more time to sip our coffee and tea, and waste hours indulged in movies and internet surfing. Alas here come the Monday blues, which I struggle with weekly, and have taken to this platform to cope with.
Let’s go.
This week is an important one for a few reasons, first its the end of february which brings the end of black history month. I wanted to get more accomplished this year for black history month, but I was late to the due dilegence requried to find out what/how I wanted to participate. I wanted to honor the black women I work with. A small brunch, a brief hand written note(which could still happen) or something to let them know that I see them, I appreciate getting to represent our culture in our predominately white environment and let them know I love them. There are about 10 of us, so it’s still worth the effort. I’ll make that Monday’s goal and plan to deliver early Tuesday morning.
Tuesday is Bae’s birthday. He’s a leap year Baby so he had an actual birthday last year and generally does’nt celebrate unless there is actually a 29th of February. Of course that doesnt fly with me so yesterday was our celebratory dinner and Friday I lugged a 9inch double layer vanilla cake with chocolate frosting home to surprise him. I even got candles for him, considering hes really only 8 and 1/2 years old. He was very grateful and enjoyed an indulgent dinner out at Sammy’s on City Island, which was my idea since Lent is quickly approaching. He ordered snow crab legs, and ribs while I went all the way in with the fried fish delux platter. I know. This year I’m giving up meat and cooked food (I’m going raw) so I had to get my fried fantasies in since I wont get to have another fried thing for some 40 days.
I’ve done a Raw diet in the past, mostly consisting of salads and fruit and pressed juices and while the ease of those things I will allow to dominate my lenten promise, I want to really learn about what it is to be raw. I tapped into a friend resource that is extreamly knowledgable on these matters randomly, mostly to pick his brain and see what his experiences have been like and was rewarded with a bag of books on the subject that makes my heart smile. He gave me no time limit on their use and even allowed me to have one to keep to further my studies. They say if you want to go fast, go alone,and if you want to go far, take someone with you. I fully intended to go at this alone, prepared for the scoffs and questions as an ode to the sacrafice and ridicule Jesus went through (fake deep), but he was not alone and that really is not the point in lent I believe, so I am using my resources and the knowledge of my friends to get me through this. More on Lent later on this week. I really want to flesh out what my goals are for this process.
The first day of lent also marks the first day of the last month of the first quarter. I love saying it that way as it gives me a very accurate perspective of place and time. March is here and I can’t wait to look back on Q1 with pride and with inspiration to continue the rest of the year. 1/4th of the year is about to be over and it’s time to review the yearly goals just a smidge ahead of that mark to ensure that I’m on target. It’s like running a race and dipping your head forward as you cross the finish line. Your legs and body can do no more, but you may be able to win by a nose.
I hope everyone has a beautiful week, and that we all acomplish everything we set out to do!


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