Dear Summer

Summer’s been floating around my brain all week. We’ve have a total of five nice days here in New York and from winter I’ve jumped straight to summer with no in between. I’m pumped for orange and yellow nails that compliment my skin tone oh so well, white shirts to keep me cool, and braids of all varieties that beg the questions from the unsuspecting. I’m ready for a mango and watermelon diet, with spa waters of all kinds and beautiful salads. I’m ready for the life of the world to return, to awaken from the gloomy hibernation of the winter season, oh and shorts! Wonderful, freeing, careless shorts! 

I’m fighting to stay present trying to fill my head with florals and letting the 40 days of Lent take my mind off fast forwarding to July. I’ve spoken about my seasonal bucket list and they’re ability to keep me present while honoring my preemptive nature. 

I’ll do what I can, but today, I’m getting a mango! 


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