12 Months In 12 Weeks

Oh please, tell me all about overwhelming.  I had a discussion with a friend about how intense goal setting can be and how it goes  from “I want to lose weight this year!” all the way to, “I’m not letting another year go by, without learning Spanish fluently!” or “ I’m gonna teach myself Photoshop, and know it like the back of my hand by next year!”   Once you get going on your list of goals, often called resolutions around this time, it can get quite overwhelming.  And both honestly , and unfortunately, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  Those are just things you mean to learn or brush up on, things that sit in the back of your mind and get filed under the “ I really should…” .  What about the habits you’ve been meaning to break, or make? Your plan to do laundry once a week instead of once a month, remember that?  When you think of all the things you want to get done, it’s easy to just throw the towel in before you’ve even broken a sweat.

I’ve made a conscious effort to not beat myself up about find myself laying on the ground staring at the horses ankles again and again.  They say what matters most is that you mount up again and get back in the saddle, but when you look back and see you’re just outside the ranches gate and not in town like you dreamed you’d be you really do have to reign it all in.  Like my country western example? I know, I know, WHEW DOGGIE!

So I’ve got the vision boards on deck, got into a great habit of making those each quarter last year.  I found that making a board each quarter helped me to stay in the moment and focused on a routine rather than trying to achieve everything at once.

But that’s just it, everything is going to occur at once regardless of how much we try to separate and space them out.  The laundry is going to need to be done, that book needs to finish being read, that software isn’t gonna download it’s self into your brain, and you still need to get up and go to the gym, because news flash, you’re still carrying those holiday pounds.  Horse hooves are SOOO INTERESTING! Is all of that considered one big toe nail? Do people ever paint them, like with nail polish? Hmm, I should really look that up and learn more about animals, they’re so many beautiful creatures in this world.

So how Sway? How we ‘sposta to stop quitting before we even start.  My current attempt at this involves setting up a routine that puts all those things into a schedule.  I’ve talked about my routine before, and it really is my saddle that I continually fall out of then, work at getting comfortable in.  As my dear friend, Whitney put it, having a routine that covers multiple areas of study or task is just like college( or even high school for that matter).   Remember that beautiful stress free place?  Remember taking five different subjects at a time and still having time to hang out with your friends,  and have a normal life, while learning Math, Literature , Biology, and that dreadful philosophy class.   We didn’t give a shit about Dostoevsky, yet we got through all 900 hundred pages of “The Brothers of Karamazov”.  We couldn’t give a rat’s ass about a rat’s ass and yet we dissected them!  Ew.  Imagine taking all the classes you really  wanted to take, and were really interested in learning about, and for four years straight, you’d be graduating magna cum laude of the University of YOU!

(Insert Your Name Here) UNIVERSITY!  Where the classes are actually fun, and you can bring your wine with you to class!

This concept of taking your yearly goals and setting their completion to twelve weeks has been floating around in different conversations in my circle for a few months.  One friend here, a podcast on continuity there, all have me thinking back to my friends likening our learning quest and goal setting to college.

To further reiterate it, my best friend Candace and I literally texted each other the exact same point, at the same time in a conversation we were having about staying motivated past January.  As she said it, watch the company you keep, you’ll be amazed at how the great ones uplift you, and how the others well, let’s just say they do other things to you.

Being  overwhelmed every now and again actually doesn’t seem like that terrible of a thing to experience.  I’d rather think of it as a sign of my continued motivation to do more, to reach farther, and keep my thirst for knowledge going, because honestly, if we don’t have that than we are incapable.


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