Stepping into 2017 like…

I love those memes that are generated at the start of the new year.  The hashtags, and graphics that help people recall their year, remember abandoned goals, admonish or praise themselves and set new goals or give up.  It’s an incredibly complicated time of year for most and of course I am no different if not worse off being the incredibly complicated Gemini that I am.  Last year I initially contemplated three planners to organize myself with,  but decided that it would in turn do more confusing instead.  I stuck with my Passion planner, which I love so very much and have used for the last three years.  I am always tempted by Myleik’s journals as pretty much everything that comes out of her mouth is a notable quotable and I’m a sucker for an inspirational quote, but decided that I would finish up the Alex Elle journal I purchased last summer and have had great to moderate success with.  This year, I made the leap and purchased the passion planner instead of printing as I have for the last two years and could hardly contain myself from cracking it open and making it my  own.  I avoid other planners, bullet style and the really cute brand they sell at Michael’s as I will indeed spend the entirety of the time I should be using to execute said items that require planning, decorating each page and adorning it instead.  Again, I am a Gemini.

I also loved how 2016 ended perfectly on a Saturday and the new year began cleanly on a Sunday.  I read somewhere that this year’s number is a one (the sum of 2+0+1+7)  making it a year of new beginnings and change.  Open to that I scrawled down goals, some of which I’d scrawled down with equal ferocity in years past and decided I’d work my hardest to accomplish them but also let the winds of change and a new beginning propel me as well.

Two weeks in and my first accomplishment is that I noticed that we are two weeks in! There’s nothing like looking up and realizing its March to ruin a new years resolutions potential for the remaining nine months of the year.  I have to say I owe this to a practice I started last year of making quarterly vision boards, and bucket list.  I am notoriously longing for Christmas in late February wondering why carols are popping into my head and I’d kill for a good old turkey dinner.  Again a Gemini, I have the tendency to live in the past, present and future simultaneously  (is trimultaneously a word?).  My list brings me current, put hot chocolate top of mind when it’s in its prime and my neon nail polish a repeat item in August instead of November.  No there aren’t rules about these things, I know, but I was severely off track.  Back on it now which I can tell by how ok I was with taking my tree down, I plan to continue this practice.  First vision board is complete, and winter bucket list is under way.

A kick ass new year’s spent enjoying a final performance by Yasiin Bey with real life BAE (also a 2016 accomplishment) and my besties helped to ceremoniously end the year.  And yeah, there were marks I didn’t hit last year, goals that are getting to see the light of 2017, and that’s finally OK with me.  To know that I get to spend another year on this journey to someday, makes it all  OK somehow.  As cliche as it may be, I really am stepping into 2017 like…well …you know.


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