A Love Supreme

That’s my Lincoln Tunnel song.  There’s something so aggressive yet smooth that matches the tenacity it takes to get out of the city.  It starts off so strong, that horn…and there’s traffic everywhere and the cars are so close even the drivers who put them there are mystified. Mystified and quiet for that time, until we break out into open jersey road. Yeah lowercase j.

The other reason “A Love Supreme” is my Lincoln Tunnel song is that I’m generally only leaving New York for labors of love. My family, 3 Queen weekends, when the sorors are birthing or wedding, the important stuff are pretty much the only times you can get me out, otherwise the appreciation that grows upon the thought to departing wells too high and I abort mission.  I’ve got time, or I’ve taken it,  when I’m heading out of NY, and that alone creates a sense of tranquility and excitement simultaneously.

This time it’s family duty, a nephews birthday and another’s christening.   I’ve been living off the “I’m a student” pass for almost 10 years post graduating and now so it’s time to turn it and myself in and report for duty. And so begins the shake down that doesn’t end until I’m 97 and they’re coming to pick me up for Christmas and forcing their kids to take awkward pictures with me. I’d say I’m just kidding and be more sensitive about aging, but I’m not. Some portions of it are less than great but the kids will understand when they’re playing their own Lincoln tunnel song.


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