Dear Summer

SummerI’ve spent months day dreaming about smelling the bunches of peonies posted to Pinterest and ogling floral print dresses on ASOS and now the time has finally come.  It’s been here as far as I’m concerned. As a June baby I usher in the warm weather and sunlight but the first official day, last Sunday, has me returning to a thought I had last year.  There are exactly 95 days in the summer solstice.  I caught myself glaring at the heat rising off the Bronx streets and ungratefully muttered, “I can’t wait for fall”.  In the next moment I had to remember that not too long ago I was praying for warm weather as I tried to hide any piece of exposed skin.  I challenged a few friends to make a list of 95 things they want to get done/do/experience in this time.  95 Day isn’t much time to go to that roof top bar you read about, get drinks, lay in the park grass, go to the beach, get drinks, reunite with your college friends (the ones you liked), finish your summer reading list (and by finish I mean start), get drinks, have the correct amount of ice-cream, visit the highline, get cute sandals (at least three pair) or get even get drinks for that matter.  Not gonna let these days go to waste this time.  Here are 10 of my 95….but make your own list.

  1. P90X3
  2. Ratchet ass cookout
  3. Pop Bar ( Like 5 times)
  4. Day trip to Philly
  5. Aire Ancient Bath House
  6. Brooklyn Day!!! Yayyyy
  7. Oil Pulling (At least 30 days)
  8. See Chicago
  9. Sew some stuff
  10. Get drinks!

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