Palcohol, your new best friend!

palcoholI came across this article on Flipbord, the app version of the love of my life, about a powder form of alcohol called Palcohol and I was so awe-stricken, the way you are with this blog, that I had to read the entirety of the article. I even watched the 16 minute video by Mark Phillips, creator of Palcohol, discussing a few unfounded claims for which Palcohol should be banned.  The concept is simple, and genius.  Powdered vodka, rum, and three drink options; a cosmo, a mojito, and a margarita or as they so cleverly coined it… the Powederita. For this I live and die again. The article and video discuss claims that alcohol in this powder form will present a whole host of subsequent issues that for the most part are unfounded. Among them are, increased accessibility for those under aged, snorting and other forms of abuse of this powdered substance, and smuggling into unauthorized areas.  The smuggling claims really are the only claims with a leg to stand on, but really, if you’ve ever been to a concert, smuggling liquid liquor into a concert ain’t that hard.(Not that I’ve ever done that Mommy, never I swear! ) Those minor hurdles aside, Palcohol is legal in the US.  I immediately envision spring and summer afternoons outside in the park, at the Highline , or Central Park where I meet up with friends and turn a causal afternoon into an instant party.  My summer dress line up is mean and I’d steal the show by pulling these out of my purse and having my mobile bar cart/I can make a party out of anything game on, well… fleek.   I promptly signed up for the mailing list because  like everything I obsess over, I NEEEEED it or I’ll die.  As soon as I get the deets on where these can be purchased, hopefully in your local liquor store, I’ll keep you posted.  As for you Mark, you my friend receive the slow clap of honor.  Job well done sir, job well done!


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