Bananas for Jesus.


I’ve been particularly fascinated with the concept of fasting, and sacrificing, admiring people who cut off years worth of lock growing as a devotion to God, as a culminating catharsis of their disciplined actions.  I took on my P90X3 challenge with the same perspective and though I didn’t complete it (yet) I’m proud to have made it 45 days.   My family and I have decided to do a 20 day detox together for Lent. One of my goals has been to do more activities with my family since we are very spread apart, especially with my return to NY.   In my dreams I’d love to have a family retreat complete with morning yoga sessions, breakout sessions on vision boards, goal setting and financial preparedness, my Mom on the 1’s and 2’s , and by 1’s and 2’s I mean burner 1 and burner 2 cooking up a storm,  and a huge field day event for all the kiddos.  Most of that dream centered around a prequel dream of my winning the Mega Millions, which I’m sure it doesn’t require, but one dream at a time.

My sister being our resident herbalist and naturalista, recommended this detox to me after she’d taken a 10 day version by the same company. (Kinda…apparently things are complicated at this brand, as much of life is) She was told her anemia went from 30 to 150 platelets after having taken the detox.   Like a boss!  Anyway,  my doctor diagnosed me with mild anemia that explained the excessive ice chewing and complete inability to get the hell up in the morning.  I’d been planning on completing this detox for a few months now but have to be honest about the fear that an all raw diet puts into my heart.   As I would imagine a raw diet in the winter can be incredibly discouraging when we tend to seek the comforts of warm bowls of soup and heavy stick to your ribs dishes.  I’m the queen of a good ol’ crock pot soups filled with veggies but heavy on the sausages and large chunks of beef. What can I say, I like my meat. No pause. The other part to this is that it struck me just in the same moment that I realized that Lent was starting.   i wanted to amp it up this year and use the time to see a marked change in myself, mentally, psychically or emotionally.  One of them, at least.  I don’t know how many bananas I can eat, but if I need to eat 20 for Jesus, I will.


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