Hello New York, you’re looking gorgeous.


So, very early on in my DC stint i decided that I wanted to return to New York.  I won’t bore you with the details of why, just know it was decided and with that I waited out my lease said goodbye to a spacious double balcony apartment and packed the few items I  amassed.   I’d spent the last few months searching for a job, and reviewing apartments, being let down, being scared, praying, reminding myself to pray, saving, spending, applying, interviewing, not hearing back, praying, crying, being scared shitless, moving forward without knowing where exactly that meant, taking the bus to NY, calling a cab to catch the bus to NY,  running across the Capital instead to catch the bus, missing the bus to NY, taking the train to NY, seeing rooms, seeing terrible rooms, finding a room, waiting for permission to move in, waiting, waiting, leaving DC but still waiting, arriving at midnight and waiting in the Port Authority , moving in, waiting to start work, waiting, taking a walk around my new neighborhood, waiting, waiting, interviewing, waiting, temping, praying, praying some more, interviewing some more, and finally landing a full time job.  Yes, as difficult as it was to read that, I’m sure you can now imagine how difficult it was to live it.  But alas, I live on and thanks be to God.   I still have moments where I shudder at the thought of my beautiful yet depressing life in DC.  What can I say the heart wants what the heart wants and my heart wants NYC.



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