I’ve been going at P90X3 for a little over a month now and I’ve really been enjoying the discipline its bought to my life.  I am constantly working and have not been great about taking time for myself. This in turn has caused me to get incredible sorted and off track.  I wanted to do something that would bring me focus but would also not add more pressure to my routine.

My weekend getaway to Baltimore this past summer for the On The Run Tour proved to be the inception of my desire to clear my head, get focused and build better habits along the way.  In my  hotel alone, kinda lonely, a little bit sad, I awoke many times through out the night.  Each time I’d hear Tony Horton describing a transformation, or an evolution of someone under his tutelage.  No, I wasn’t brain washed, I’d tried a bit of P90X before and found it to be quite satisfying through its pain and knew that with some focus I could develop the same perseverance I experienced in high school when I decided to join the track team. Back then I couldn’t run a lap, but wanted to meet new people at my new school and thought I might make a decent athlete.  I was convinced of such by a teacher ( also the head track coach) and thought, what harm could really be done.  Over time I’d developed  anxiety at the end of each day anticipating the grueling workout(for me at least) that our coaches would inflict upon us.  By it’s completion I boarded the after school bus satisfied and overtime quite happy with the discipline it developed within me.  Long and short P90X3 would be just enough challenge to get me motivated and focused( and in shape).

10lbs lighter, I’m happy with my dedication and excited to see what deeper commitment to the program and the meal plan will bring.  I’m excited to share with you my experiences and difficulties in hopes that it can inspire you to make both small and large changes to your life to see advancement.  The slow but continuous come up, the birth of rich. Pics soon! Keep growing.


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